Digging is heavy work for everyone, whether you are trying to move soil in your own yard, or are digging as part of a construction team. Eventually, you might decide that it is just too much work on your own, and that you need to call in extra help. You may even consider hiring an excavator to your Cairns site, or your home. If you are trying to decide if you need a machine, J Newton Excavations can offer you some advice. 

Get finished quickly

Perhaps the biggest reason why most companies choose to hire excavators is because the machines make light work of something which would take people a lot longer to manage. Regardless of whether your project is large or small, good excavators can finish the job much more effectively than you. 

Get advanced technology

Another good reason to hire your machines is that technology is advancing all the time, and what was a practical tool last week is now outdated and replaced. When you hire from companies like J Newton Excavations you get machinery which is highly advanced and well-maintained, so that it is extremely easy to use. If you hire from top-quality companies, you get good machines which will be able to function well in your project. 

Use your time more productively

When humans are trying to excavate a large hole, it can be backbreaking work. Yet you are working with highly skilled teams who could manage to do more important things if you free them up from digging. When you hire a machine from J Newton Excavations you can send them off to other tasks, getting two jobs in the same time as one. 

Save money

It might seem as though you are spending a lot more money to hire a machine than you would by using your crew, but in fact the savings in time, in work efficiency and productivity can make it worthwhile. You don't have to worry about the job falling behind, or problems with the digging, because the excavator can clear it all away. 

Talk to us about hiring

If you believe that you need to hire an excavator for your Cairns project, J Newton Excavations is here to help you. We can offer you a number of different machines to suit your digging requirements, so find out more about our excavators today by filling in our enquiry form, or by calling 0448 010 963 now.