When you have a lot of soil to move on your property, you are not certain about the best method of doing so. There are lots of different ways that would allow you to get rid of that excess soil, including moving it all by hand, but for a fast and efficient job you need to hire a professional excavator like those available from J Newton Excavations in Cairns. There are several reasons why this is so. 

Time saving

As noted above, if you really want to move the soil on your property, you could move it by hand. Not only is this back-breaking work, but it is also not very efficient. In the time that it takes for you to pick up a shovel full of soil, carry it over to where you want it, and then return, an excavator could have completed the job. It works so quickly that you might not even need to hire it for more than a day. 

Easy to use

When you speak to J Newton Excavations about hiring an excavator, you are also likely to be able to get help with operating the device, too. Hiring an excavation team not only makes the job faster, it also means that the unit is easier to use, since you can simply ask the operator to perform that function. 

Practical for large areas

If you have a lot of soil available, then you need to move it all in the most efficient manner possible. This often means that you will have to hire out an excavator to ease the load and complete the task as quickly as possible. If you are hurrying to finish a project, such as ground clearance, or you are under time constraints to start working on construction, then the faster the excavator can work, the better. 

Do I need a large digger?

The question, then, is the size of the unit that you need. You might decide that a mini digger is the best solution for a quick clearance, but for larger areas, perhaps requiring larger movements, you may want a large excavator from our range. 

Let us know today

When you decide that you need a Cairns excavator as soon as possible, then you should decide to speak to J Newton Excavations today. You can do this by completing our enquiry form, or by calling 0448 010 963 now.