Excavation Services Cairns


At J Newton Excavations, we provide a clean and efficient earthmoving service. Backed by the latest knowledge and advanced machinery, we undertake each excavation project with expertise and precision, ensuring minimum impact is made on the environment.

Say goodbye to messy worksites.

Our skilled operators ensure your backyard or construction site is cleaned up properly and that all waste and leftover materials are disposed of responsibly. We are also experts in pool dig-outs, the right excavation equipment and attachments to ensure it's prepared on time and to the right specifications.

From maintaining local areas and worksites through to yard clean-ups and pool digs, our team provides a safe and efficient excavation.
Call us today for quick and easy earthworks at affordable prices. We service residential and commercial clients throughout Cairns.

Excavators & Equipment For Hire


With a fleet of state-of-the-art excavation equipment, we cater for a broad range of earthmoving projects—big or small. Whether you need your backyard cleaned up or a site prepared for construction, we have the team and latest equipment to ensure a successful result.

Our list of equipment and attachments include:
  • 1.5 & 5 tonne excavators
  • 3, 6 & 12 tonne tippers
  • Posi-track earthmover
  • Forklifts
  • 200mm, 300mm, 450mm & 600mm augers
  • Chain digger
  • Rock breaker
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Benefits Of Earthmoving


When it comes to transporting earth from one location to another, it is vital that you experience the benefits of getting that earth moved away as quickly as possible. If you are looking for assistance with earthmoving in Cairns, then you will need the help of J. Newton Excavations.

We can assist you with any type of work that requires heavy duty machinery, from pool excavation to yard soil removal. Give us a call today!

What can earthmoving do?

In the majority of cases, earthmoving is a term used in construction to describe a project which involves transferring large quantities of rubble or soil from one location to another.

This can be for construction purposes, including building and civil engineering, or it may be more domestic, such as removing a large amount of soil for the purpose of landscaping.

Why choose earthmoving machines?

Hiring a machine can be both expensive and risky if you don't know what you are doing, but when you come to J. Newton Excavations, you cannot only hire equipment, but also teams to help you manage it, which can make earthmoving much easier, and preferable to trying to do it by hand. Get started today!

Get projects completed quickly

When you rely upon manual labour, you are relying upon teams to help you work to time limits.

This can be drawn out through weather conditions, poorly managed labour or physical limits, which means that your project is less efficient and takes longer.

Earthmoving equipment can be faster and more durable.

Save money with better productivity

Although you might have to pay out more for equipment when you use J. Newton Excavations, you can recover these costs by saving time, and increasing productivity by clearing out earth quickly.

If you are working on a smaller project, you save time because companies do not have to wait for everything to be cleared out before they can begin.
When you need help with earthmoving in Cairns, then you need to speak to J. Newton Excavations as quickly as possible.
We can assist you with getting all the help that you require, so contact us today through our enquiry form or call 0448 010 963 now.