Want to speed up your earthmoving project with a specialist excavator? Whether you are working on a construction or building project, or in the mining industry, these can be an essential tool to have available. When you are looking for a suitable excavator in Cairns, it is important that you understand the differences between specialist options, so that you can ask J Newton Excavations for the one you need.

Differences between excavator types

There is a significant difference between certain types of excavators, and some are better at doing jobs than others. For example, some are designed for heavy duty work, while others are more precise for skilled work. Choosing the right excavator is essential.

Choosing a standard excavator

You may find these described as crawler excavators, and they are designed to work well with hilly or sloped landscapes. They are used to manage a number of different tasks, such as moving debris, trenching and digging, hauling materials and even demolishing walls. If you need an excavator for landscaping, farming or other forms of excavation, then you should speak to J Newton Excavations about this option.

Excavator with wheels

Unlike the standard excavator which run on tracks, these have separated wheels and are ideal for flatter surfaces such as construction sites. They are easier to move around and provide greater speed to allow you to transport soil and other materials around the job-site.

Long-reach excavators

These are a variant on the basic excavator and feature extended booms and arms. These provide a longer reach for a number of different purposes and are in fact ideal when you need to demolish an area without using a wrecking ball. They can also be chosen for difficult to reach excavation purposes and other reasons that you can discuss with J Newton Excavations.


These are an extremely common sight in construction projects, in mining and in landscaping. These are also known as backhoe loaders and contain a large bucket with a blade which can remove, manipulate or reduce soil. These can be used for a variety of digging purposes.

Finding the perfect excavator

If you need help in choosing the perfect excavator for your Cairns project, then speak to J Newton Excavations today. We can assist you a variety of different excavator tools, so reach out to us today through our enquiry form or call us on 0448 010 963 now.